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I Ganglians arrivano da Sacramento e descrivono la propria musica come “pure naive headphone acid pop to drive to.” I Ganglians sono selvaggi alfieri di uno lo-fi grezzo che dispensa digressioni nel surf rock quanto nelle psichedelia più allucinata.Monster Head Room è il loro primo lavoro sulla lunga distanza e sta raccogliendo consensi estremente positivi dalla stampa specializzata internazionale.Eccovi alcune press quotes:
“It's a bike-ride of a song that puts its own spin the Beach Boys or the psych-folk-pop-argh of Grizzly Bear. But whileGrizzly Bear manicure and cloister their psych folk in the parlor, Ganglians slather and cake them in mud. Then they set them free.” – Pitchfork
“Monster Head Room is looking like a contender for my LP of the year.” – Vice Magazine
“The atmospheric intro of “Valiant Brave”, from Ganglians’ Monster Head Room,builds into a rousing ballad of janglingguitars and layered, wailing vocals that sound like an army of pixies shouting at a cactus after taking too much peyote. – Dazed & Cofused