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The Notwist
Superheroes, Ghostvillains + Stuff
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Markus Acher, Micha Acher and Martin Messerschmid formed the group in 1989 in Weilheim in Oberbayern, near Munich.

In 1990 they recorded their self-titled debut, a grunge-metal oriented LP. 1992 saw the release of Nook, which has an indie rock sound, while their 1995 album 12 contains their first flirtation with electronics.
Martin Gretschmann then joined the group in 1997.
Shrink, released in 1998, is a jazz-electro-rock album.
In 1998 Cynthia Dall did the vocals for a remix of "Torture Day" by The Notwist.
The album Neon Golden (released in 2002) put them on the map for American listeners, with its heartfelt sentiment and more pop-oriented sound.
Messerschmidt left the group in 2007 and was replaced by Andi Haberl.

The band's sixth full-length record, The Devil, You + Me, was released in Europe in May 2008.
On June 17, 2008 the album was released in North America on Domino Records.

The album, Close to the Glass, was released on February 24, 2014 under Sub Pop Records.
In January 2015, Close to the Glass was nominated for IMPALA's European Independent Album of the Year Award.

The new album Superheroes, Ghostvillains + Stuff, recorded on December 16, 2015 on the second of three consecutive, sold-out nights at UT Connewitz in Leipzig, Germany, documents the latest live incarnation of this very band, which also features Andi Haberl, Max Punktezahl, Karl Ivar Refseth, and Cico Beck.
Thatís why itís the definitive album of The Notwistís career.