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Haley Bonar
Impossible Dream
last update: 21/09/2016

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Haley Bonar will release her new album “Impossible Dream” through Memphis Industries on 4th November 2016.

Recorded on analog tape at Pachyderm Studios, Minnesota and produced by Bonar and Jacob Hansen, “Impossible Dream” is the follow-up to 2014's “Last War”, which enjoyed widespread critical acclaim and featured in Rough Trade, NPR and Village Voices Albums of the Year lists.

"Impossible Dream" is Bonars most ambitious record to date.
Blending scuzzy 80s indie, new wave angularity and Spector-ish reverb, her songs are, as NPR once described, "as relentlessly catchy on the surface, as they are alluringly complex underneath".

Hypnotic opener "Hometown" shimmers like a Twin Peaks' outtake, the shuddering, swirling "Kismet Kill" recalls Mazzy Star, while the soaring synth and pounding drums of “Stupid Face” summons the spirit and melody of Porcupine'era Echo and the Bunnymen.

Intrepid and diverse, "Impossible Dream" is consistently bold, infectious and inventive.

“Everybody wants a story. Something to sell. I’m here to tell you that there isn’t one with this album, at least in the traditional sense, but ten. I could sit here and tell you that some of the songs are about growing up in the Black Hills.
Some of the songs are about my parents.
Some of the songs are about homosexuality.
Some of the songs are about loss of youth, teenageparenthood, the lines of social disorder for women, or the terror of jealousy and suspicion.
But what I write is borne of my own set of memories and ideas, and once they are released into the world, they do not belong to me anymore.

Haley Bonar, 2016